Welcome to the website of Matrix India Minerals.

Matrix India is a family run and operated business, which deals with prospecting, mining and extraction of Indian Mineral Specimens, Zeolites as well as other Rough stones all over India.

We are Miner’s and Dealer’s of Indian Mineral Specimens, Zeolites. We also procure and deal in Minerals and Lapidary Products from different parts of India. We supply small and large specimens in all sizes and price ranges, from small shipments to bulk container loads We offer a variety of minerals, right from spectacular specimens for Collector’s to even large stock supplies for Wholesale buyers. We have a ready stock of different rough materials from India and we regularly add to our inventory, freshly mined new specimens from the Deccan Traps.  Since long, specimens mined by us have adorned Museums and Collections around the World, such as the Smithsonian and Houston Museum. The famous ‘ball’ type flat terminated green apophyllite created sensation in the mineral world and has been highlighted in Mineral Magazines, Show Poster and Books such as ‘The Masterpieces of the Mineral World’.

We are known for our large stocks of minerals, rough and lapidary items which are both popular, rare and in-line with the current collectors and commercial market demands. We offer the most competitive prices along with our international expertise in packing and shipping.

Whether you are looking for fine mineral specimens, commercial or kilo grade zeolites, mix mineral flats and boxes, rough stones in bulk quantity, polished, lapidary, metaphysical items, or silver jewelry from India we can meet your every need.

We also supply boulders and large colorful rocks for landscaping and interior decoration locally as well.


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